programs-1South Georgetown Secondary School (SGSSAA) is dedicated to providing children from
impoverished households access to better educational and social opportunities, preparing them
to become active, productive, creative and responsible citizens, while ensuring national stability
and global competitiveness towards a better future.

SGSSAA believes that children in some impoverished communities can be equally or
more intellectually superior to their counterparts in higher socio-economic communities
providing they are granted access to equitable academic, cultural or social activities. We
recognize that the funding of these activities would equalize opportunities for children in the
indigent communities.

The Association will focus on a school whose population is rooted in an impecunious
district of South Georgetown. The children will be provided educational services by qualified
professionals, dedicated to improving their academic competitiveness.programs-3

South Georgetown Secondary School Alumnae Association (SGSSAA) will actively and
effectively provide educational services to children from low income and impoverished families
who attend schools within the South Georgetown school district of Georgetown, Guyana.
SGSSAA will strive to be an organization that would assist the approved children and
their school with equal educational opportunity so as to realize the dreams and fulfill the
children’s potential educationally.

SGSSAA is dedicated to actively and effectively providing appropriate interventions to
children who require special assistance along their educational journey.

At SGSSAA, respect, hope, encouragement, productivity and guidance will always be

Our Programs