openingSouth Georgetown Secondary School Alumnae Association (SGSSAA) is a Non-Profit organization established on 7th February, 2009. This was the brain-child of Rae Phillips who collaborated with other former students of the school to launch the initiative in the United States.

The founding members are Rae Phillips, Edele Harding, Lyndon Laing, Yeon Adams, Mark Amsterdam, Karen Deane, Myrna Wren and Ronald Thomas. The initial meetings were held at Edele Harding’s home in Brooklyn. As our numbers increased, we moved to our current location at Smally’s Establishment, 9419 Ave. L, Carnarsie, Brooklyn during September, 2009.  Moreover, this effort supported our cyber presence on which was established by Ms. Juanita Griffith.

The impetus for the Association was to bring people together and collaboratively create opportunities to be involved in some social developmental work in Guyana. Conscious of our school’s non-existence, we saw an opportunity to look beyond our limitations and support another school in the Community. After careful deliberations, St. Stephen’s Primary School was unanimously identified to be the benefactor of our benevolence and a qualifying framework was established in the United States.

With the approval of the Ministry of Education, SGSSAA USA and the Guyana Chapter will work collaboratively with the Principal and Teachers of St. Stephen’s Primary School to provide educational services to the student population. In so doing, we anticipate seeing the improvement of the students’ academic performance and the elevation of the school’s overall standing amongst the top primary schools.

An Educational Development Committee (EDC) has been established and an Academic Development Plan (ADP) is being developed. The objectives of the ADP are directly linked to our mission statement.