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2nd Reunion in Guyana in 2014.

The Guyana Chapter of SGSSAA will be hosting its 2nd Reunion in Guyana, (tentative dates) July 7 – 13th, 2014.  The first reunion was held in July of 2012 and there was a fair turnout of ex-students.  It is hoped that many more ex-students will make an effort to come and share in the many…

Office Members Election Results.

The Election for new office members has finally been conducted.  The members of the board are as follows:  Rae Phillips, President; Monley Adams, Vice-President of Administration; Colette Christian, Vice President of Operations, Karen Dean-Lyte, Treasurer; Andre Fernandes, Assistant Treasurer and Deborah George, Secretary.      

After-school program recommenced.

The Guyana Chapter has recommenced the after-school program for the Grade 2 students of St. Stephen’s Primary.  Twenty-five students were identified as needing additional tutoring to bring them up to par for their grade level.  The New York Chapter is currently undergoing extensive research and evaluation to include students from the 3rd and 4th grades…

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